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Iqra Biashara

Discover “IQRA_BIASHARA,” a vibrant digital platform for Halal commerce with a million-strong Muslim community. Trust, security, and meaningful connections converge in our marketplace. Join for ethical transactions, Halal products, and a trusted network.....

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Explore our “Latest News section,” for instant updates on global and local events. From breaking news to insightful analyses, stay informed and engaged with the world's dynamic landscape. Empower yourself with knowledge, effortlessly....

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Welcome to our “ADVERTS SECTION,” a gateway to connect with the businesses you hear on our radio station. Delve into a seamless experience where listeners can access contact details, websites, locations, and other vital information about the featured companies. Your journey from hearing an ad to getting in touch is now just a click away. Empower your consumer experience and make meaningful connections with the products and services you love. Explore, connect, and engage effortlessly with the brands that resonate with you.

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Step into the enlightening realm of our “Islamic Education Section,” your digital sanctuary for legitimate Islamic education resources. Immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge covering Quran, Arabic, hadith, fiqh, sirah, social and political issues, and much more. Designed for self-taught enthusiasts and new converts seeking clarity, we are committed to eradicating misconceptions and fostering a profound connection with Islamic teachings. Empower yourself with authentic insights, navigate the digital world of Islamic education, and embark on a journey of self-discovery.....