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The station with a Difference



In the name of Allah, The most gracious, The merciful.

Since 2001, IQRA FM has stood as the pioneering and foremost radio station in Kenya. Currently undergoing a transformative rebranding and relaunching process, we herald a new era marked by superior programming and presentation.

This evolution signifies a commitment to becoming a premier platform for Islamic content and education. With a proactive approach, we are dedicated to enlightening, entertaining, exploring, and educating individuals across all age groups and society at large. Our particular emphasis lies in mentorship, fostering growth, and promoting Islamic values, ideas, talents, and businesses to a diverse and expanding audience, spanning across Africa and beyond.

Recognized as the top Islamic Radio Station by IPSOS, securing the 1st position, we boast a reach of 700,000 regular listeners. IQRA FM has been a stalwart representative of Muslim voices for over two decades, and we remain steadfast in solidifying this position while increasingly resonating with a vibrant and youthful audience. Our reporting, programming, and segmentation are consistently distinctive.

Moreover, we actively offer networking opportunities and welcome collaborations with various Islamic businesses to promote growth and development. Our overarching goal is to create an environment conducive to collaboration, positively impacting all stakeholders to achieve shared objectives. As we continually evolve, we engage with industry players to deliver educational programs that provide social and economic solutions to our esteemed listenership.


To create an enlightened community driven by the belief in peaceful co existence in Kenya and beyond. As pioneers we aim to be the most trusted, pivotal and vibrant radio station that encourages people to see the world from a broader perspective. We genuinely aspire to engage our learned audience and positively impact our communities.


To provide the best programmes and information to our listeners, a most profitable advertising platform to our clients and the most successful religious station in Kenya. To create and present the best and appealing content, local and international programs and news from reliable sources. To be a reliable source of information and entertainment within Islamic parameters while also enhancing the civic and cultural life of the people we serve.


The station’s programming has been geared towards a family friendly audience with shows that educate, entertain and inform a Muslim and also a Non-Muslim audience that is looking for reliable and trusted information on Islam and Muslims in Kenya. The listenership spectrum includes and not limited to Women, Men, Children of all ages. The core of IQRA FM’s listeners is made up of males, aged 18-24 and 45+, lsm 8-11, living in the cities. 700k on a regular listenership. Our coverage reaches all kenyans notwithstanding the non-muslims, youth, peri-urban and urban peasants, the business community with particular emphasis on the muslim community and other listeners within our transmission area of service.


OBJECTIVES The main objective of establishing IQRA radio was to give the ever-increasing Muslim population in Kenya a voice after year’s in oblivion. This was however extended to include other issues:

i) To spread the message of Islam to non-Muslims across the country.

ii) To provide a medium for Muslims to air their views and reclaim their position in contributing to the country’s national agenda.

iii) To serve as a civic education tool to the largely semi-illiterate muslim population.

iv) To be a credible, reliable and authoritative medium for news and information.

v) To educate the public and Muslims in particular with a view of creating social harmony and understanding.

vi) To initiate a new line of programming that will seek to eliminate vices that continue to pervert our social order and threaten security.

vii) To imbibe and inculcate the professional values of balance and objectivity in news reportage and programming.

viii) To be self sustaining and offer employment opportunities to hundreds of Muslims youth.

ix) To foster Development in Dominant Muslim regions that have been marginalized and suffer under development since pre-independence days.

x) To educate both Muslim and Non-Muslims on the correct version of the Abrahamic Religion that is Islam, Christianity and Judaism through its programme “DINI YA HAKI” aired twice a week. This programme has converted several non-muslims to Islam.


Iqra FM broadcasts for 19 hours 15 Minutes a day; from 04:45am to 12:00 Midnight. Seventy percent of this airtime has been dedicated to religious programmes that include :-

- Holy Quran recitations

- Quran Translations in English, Swahili, Somali and Urdu.

- Talks by Prominent scholars from Kenya and abroad.

- Question and Answer sessions on religious matters.

- Panel discussions by prominent Muslim Ulaamas on Hadith and Fiqh.

- Enlighting program on Teaching your self Arabic

- Educative programs in Kikuyu Language.  

The remaining Thirty Percent of our airtime is dedicated to:-

- Local and international news at frequent intervals, daily.

- Talk Shows on Contemporary issues, political, cultural, social and economic issues, health and educational programmes.


We have 20 Staff Members on Permanent employment. We are privileged to have experienced, youthful and trained professionals in accounts, marketing, mass communication and other relevant fields. This provides a rich blend of complementary and enthusiastic personnel capable of meeting the specific interest of our target audience and business clients.


Since inception, Iqra FM has been able to record quite a number of successes in the quest of its objectives. Under the banner “The Station With a Difference”, Iqra FM commands a respectable listenership of 2 Million Muslims in Nairobi and its environs. A significant number of Non–Muslims have also embraced our radio programme and Islamic teachings.

We are happy to report and give credit to Allah (SWT) that through our programmes an estimated over 10,000 people have reverted to Islam through Iqra FM since its inception. Iqra FM has taken an influential position within the Kenyan population as a powerful voice and opinion shaper of the Muslim community.

It has high recognition within government circles and through its campaigns the government has been forced to shelve some policy steps that would have adversely affected the Muslim community. A good example was the West initiated Suppression of Terrorism Bill that was shelved after we initiated a public debate that attracted even the support of non-Muslims.

We have been greatly involved also by the government and it’s agencies through educative campaigns e.g.

a) Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (I.E.B.C) where we conducted a voter education campaign for general elections even the defunct electoral body ECK over the previous years.

b) URAIA Trust a Kenyan government agency that advocates for better governance.

c) Peace Programs during the invasion of Kenya forces into Somalia.

Head quarters &Transmission

IQRA FM office is situated at Al Huda Mosque South B, Nairobi, Kenya. Our premises serve as our head quarters with all operational departments housed in the site including the media studio. We have a transmission site situated in Ngecha Area in Limuru that host a 5kw transmitter which provides transmission on a radius of 200 Kilometers reaching Nairobi and it’s environs.

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