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Palestine: homeland invasion and genocide of the Hospitable People

Palestine: homeland invasion and genocide of the Hospitable People
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Historical Tragedy Unveiled: The Establishment of Zionist Israel.


Since the establishment of the Zionist State of Israel in 1948, Palestinians have faced unparalleled levels of death and destruction, marking the genesis of a harrowing chapter in their history.

The Shadows of Apartheid: Lingering Occupation and Colonial Echoes.

The heavy-handed occupation, reminiscent of apartheid and echoes of centuries of colonialism, continues to cast a dark shadow over the Palestinian territories, creating a tragic narrative that has persisted into contemporary times.

The Shrinking Palestine: A Sad Reality Concealed by Western Hypocrisy.

Behind the façade of global diplomacy is the sad truth of a shrinking Palestine, a reality subtly concealed by the West's hypocrisy through media narratives that often perpetuate an incomplete or biased perspective.

Dehumanization of Palestinians: A Stark Contrast to Animal Rights.


In a glaring paradox, humanity faces a conundrum where the lives of Palestinians are deemed insignificant, standing in stark contrast to the care and rights accorded to animals, championed by international activists.

Blame and Allies: The Culprits Shielded in the Shadows.

With each lethal attack and land-grabbing episode, the occupiers and brutal settlers find themselves shielded from blame by their powerful allies in crime, perpetuating a cycle of impunity and injustice.

Historical Irony: From Hospitality to Tyranny.

History unfolds a bitter irony as settlers, initially welcomed by Palestinians following a tragic massacre, metamorphosed into tyrants empowered by Western support eventually perpetuating a cycle of oppression.

Israeli Military Might vs. Palestinian Resistance: A Lopsided Struggle.

The stark asymmetry between the formidable Israeli military machine, ruthlessly targeting men, women, and children, and the modest Palestinian resistance underscores the lopsided nature of the struggle for justice.

Eternal Struggle: Palestinians' Fight for Land and Existence.

With their backs against the wall, Palestinians find themselves compelled to fight, driven by the belief that death is not the end but the beginning of eternal life, risking everything for the sake of their land and peaceful existence.

Leadership Shame: Blind Eye Turned by the 'Free World' and the UN.


Leaders of the 'free world' and the United Nations stand accused of a shameful betrayal, turning a blind eye to the plight of Palestinians who once welcomed others but are now denied the essentials of life.

Global Support for Israel: The Role of the United States.


Undoubtedly, Israel basks in the unwavering support of the West, notably the United States, which views the Zionist settler nation as a geopolitical extension of its own interests, perpetuating a cycle of dominance.

Miracles Amidst Oppression: The Resilience of Palestinians.


Amidst relentless oppression, fate weaves a narrative of miracles and global support, showcasing the indomitable resilience of Palestinians who find solidarity and backing from compassionate individuals worldwide.

Double Standards Exposed: International Response to Occupations.

The international community's response to global conflicts reveals glaring double standards, with outcry and support for some regions, such as Ukraine, sharply contrasting with a muted response to the enduring occupation faced by Palestinians.

Humanity's Devolution: Corruption, Evil, Racism, and Power Greed.

The devolution of humanity into barbaric realms, marred by corruption, evil, racism, and an insatiable drive for power and greed, raises poignant questions about the moral fabric of our global society.

Coarse Injustice: The Inhumane Treatment of Palestinian Communities.

In an act of coarse injustice, nearly 1.1 million Palestinians find themselves imprisoned, subjected to isolation, electricity cutoffs, and obstructed access to basic necessities—all justified under the pretext of self-defense and combating terror.

Triumph Amidst Adversity: The Enduring Spirit of Palestinians.

As history attests to the rise and fall of empires, the enduring spirit of Palestinians stands as a testament to their resilience, faith, and unwavering commitment. The triumph over adversity is fueled by worldwide prayers and blessings, echoing the call for justice and the rebirth of the state of Palestine.

By Dr. Mohamed Bahaidar (Sociologist, Recipient of the most distinguished award in the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia, Author of The Hidden Self, The Point of Deflection, A Household of Bliss, Sparkling Hope, and Mirror Reflection).