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Silent Echoes: Unveiling the Legacy of George Floyd and the Struggle for Equality.

Silent Echoes: Unveiling the Legacy of George Floyd and the Struggle for Equality.
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#Human Rights

George Floyd's Legacy: A Painful Reflection on Racial Injustice

When you take notice of the name George Floyd, what thoughts run through your head? Pain, racial discrimination, retaliation, upheaval, plus the term ‘black lives matter’. Our exertions are usually stricken by what we leave behind, as a father figure we are groomed to protect our own. We urge their comfort by ensuring ease in their path, contrary to that a guardian leaves behind a 6-year-old daughter devoid of a father and a wife with no husband, his demise pact elation in the black community which conveyed revolution to the world.

The Echo of "I Can't Breathe": A Peculiar Story of Suffocation

Let’s ask ourselves how comes just one more incident was sufficient to trigger us for change with the term “I can’t breathe”. Could we resound through this peculiar-story to the demeaning fact that we go through as race in suffocation, which has always been a norm, whereas knees being pressed on our necks is what we are accustomed to?

Beyond George Floyd: Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and Racial Biases

Igniting emotions in commemoration of losing (Ahmaud Arbery & Breonna Taylor) noting that racial biases don’t end with those who are at the bottom, but even when you climb the stairs of success they trail. Who else is well known as the first African American president (Barack Obama) being demanded for a birth certificate when vying for POTUS position, and later being told he was grossly incompetent during his reign. Do you think this ends in American let's talk off Meghan Markle, who had to renounce the Duchess of Sussex position?

Global Ironies: Democracy, Law Enforcement, and Inequality

The Irony of the world we live in is that they preach democracy to the world while their law enforcement is bridging all human rights; claiming to advocate peace, the administration is looting and filled with stains of human blood throughout the African continent and the Middle East; Imposing gender equality and LGBTQ partisan while we segregate people by giving precedence to the white even though we all know the Indigenous of America are not even white?

The Staining Sting of George Floyd's Final Moments

What we are left with is a staining sting with vivid motion of poignant pain that succumbed to Floyd at the moment where Derek Chauvin was pressing his knee on his neck, causing chest pains and thirst, curbing him from breathing. The only thing he called out in desperation was “Mama” who died two years ago. This incident brought Law enforcement to their knees at a stance of resonating with the crowd, with passable grounds to wipe off the pandemic hype of Covid 19.

Equality or Equity: A Call for Reflection

- Food for thought, what are we in search for? Equality or equity....

- Let the voice be heard!

By Dr. Mohamed Bahaidar (Expert on social issues, Recipient of the most distinguished award in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, and an Author.)